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Our return policy is simple: Don't want it? Send it back! 

We'll be happy to find a new home for your Fandom Fever product, just make sure that your item is still in the original quality that it was when it arrived to you. Tees and Tanks should be unworn, and jewelry/keychains need to have all charms and parts present. 

Returns should be post marked back to us within 30 days of when it arrived at your door. Refunds will be issued once the items make it back to us.

If you wish to exchange your item, just ship it back to us within 30 days of when you received it!

If you wish to cancel an order, we request that you do so within 24 hours; any cancellations after this point will be charged a $5 restocking fee. Unfortunately we will not be able to cancel orders that surpass our 48 hour time limit.